FNS Handbook 901 Training and Presentations

Last Published: 10/01/2018

The FNS State Systems conducted team has produced a series of training presentations designed to help State Agencies understand and comply with the FNS approval process.  These eight on-line presentations correspond to FNS Handbook 901, with information on the key documents or phases in the process. One of the units focuses specifically on the testing requirements and other changes to the regulations that were published in January 2014.

These presentations are best viewed in the sequence shown below as the APD process terminology, procedures, and concepts build upon each other. However, each presentation will make sense on its own, if the viewer just needs information on a particular document or system lifecycle phase. We encourage you to use the presentations as a refresher, to to acquaint new project team members with FNS requirements and best practices, whenever you are starting a new project or entering a new phase.

Although the presentations are relevant to both SNAP and WIC, and to both MIS and EBT projects, some information in them is more specifically targeted to MIS, rather than EBT. Please contact your State Systems representative, or Regional Office Program representative, should you have questions.

Also available below are printable PDFs of the presentations as handouts, for use in taking notes.

Please use this link to send us any feedback on the presentations.

Training Presentation Handouts for Notes
APD Overview APD Overview
Planning APD Planning APD
Implementation APD Implementation APD
RFPs and Procurement RFPs and Procurement
APD Updates APD Updates
System Testing Regulation System Testing Regulation
Getting to Go-Live Getting to Go Live
Project Management Project Management


     2012: ACA Mythbusters
     2010: Myths and Truths of Modernization
     2010: Approaches to Painless Procurement
     2009: APD Process 101 for Executives (PowerPoint)
     2009: APD Process for Vendors (PowerPoint)
-- NWA WIC Technology Conference
     2009: Alternatives Analysis