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Local Foods and Related Activities in CACFP

Early childhood is the ideal time to establish healthy eating habits. Farm to preschool works to connect early child care and education settings to local food producers with the objectives of serving locally-grown, healthy foods to young children, providing related nutrition education, and improving child nutrition. Farm to preschool activities can increase children’s willingness to try new foods and help them become familiar with local foods they will see in school. Farm to preschool creates a reliable outlet for producers and the smaller purchasing volumes for early child care settings are a good fit for local farmers.

FNS Resources
Partner Resources
  • National Farm to School Network, Farm to Preschool Page - The Farm to Preschool page for the National Farm to School Network features facts sheets (Getting Started, Local Procurement for Child Care Centers, and Local Procurement for Family Child Care homes) and links to farm to preschool e-news and archives.
  • Farm to Head Start - This website features Farm to Head Start activities from around the country to inspire you to incorporate the farm in your classroom!
  • Growing Farm to Preschool in Your State: A How to Guide - This guide from Ecotrust outlines the approach to creating a statewide farm to preschool coalition.
  • Farm to Preschool - This website functions as a clearinghouse of resources from programs around the country and as a means to network with existing and emerging efforts.
  • Ag in the Classroom - This organization provides agricultural literacy resources for teachers of students pre-K through 12th grade that can be used to help develop your own agricultural curriculum.