WIC - Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and Management Information Systems (MIS)

Last Published: 09/26/2018

WIC EBT is an electronic system that replaces paper vouchers with a card for food benefit issuance and redemption at authorized WIC grocery stores. Management Information Systems (MIS) of FNS WIC provides technical assistance and project oversight for State Agency partnership activities. More information about WIC MIS can be found on the State Systems Office (SSO) website.

Guidance and Resources
ANSI, Operating Rules (OR), NUPC Database, Technical Implementation Guide (TIG), Universal Interface (UI), Handbook 901, WIC EBT Document Library

Map of WIC EBT Activities, WIC EBT Detail Status Report

Provided from 2008-2016

EBT User Group

WIC EBT User Group Meetings and NWA Technology Conferences
Includes presentations from User Group meetings and NWA technology conferences