Federal Nutrition Programs: Reducing the Impact of Lead Exposure

Last Published: 12/13/2016

Lead exposure – via water, soil, or another medium – is a public health problem affecting people across our nation. Exposure to unsafe levels of lead can cause serious health effects, especially among children. Immediate and widespread action is critical. The nutrition assistance programs administered by USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) may help lessen the negative impacts of lead exposure by using nutrition as a tool which may mitigate lead absorption. 

In the fact sheets below, you will find tips for State and local governments, agencies, and community leaders on how FNS programs can be leveraged in the event of a lead crisis in two major ways: 1) Promoting balanced diets featuring key nutrients and 2) helping ensure access to safe drinking water. 

In addition, other Federal and State government sources have existing materials on preventing and/or mitigating lead exposure available in several languages. Check out: