Date Document# Title
CSFP Orientation for New States
WIC Fact Sheet
Farm to Summer: Bringing Summer Meals to Farmers Markets
Farm to Summer: Local Foods and Educational Activities in Summer Meal Programs
Procurement by Micropurchase
USDA Farm to School Grant Program
What's in Store for Farm to School in 2015?
Farm to School at USDA: Looking Back and Looking Forward
Community Eligibility Provision: Direct Certification and Reporting
Community Eligibility Provision: Financial Considerations
Community Eligibility Provision: Notification and Publication Requirements for State Agencies
Community Eligibility Provision: Administrative Review
Community Eligibility Provision: Title I and E-rate
Community Eligibility Basics: How CEP Can Transform Your Schools
SP21-2016 Fiscal Year Reporting Timeline and Reporting Table
SP20-2016 Nonprofit School Food Service Account Nonprogram Food Revenue Requirements
CFR Correction - Performance Reporting System
CFR Correction - Child and Adult Care Food Program
CFR Correction - Donation of Foods for Use in the United States, Its Territories and Possessions and Areas Under Its Jurisdiction
CFR Correction - Determining Eligibility for Free and Reduced Price Meals and Free Milk in Schools
Characteristics of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Households: Fiscal Year 2014
National and State-Level Estimates of Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Eligibles and Program Reach, 2013
SP16 CACFP06 SFSP10-2016 Disclosure Requirements for the Child Nutrition Programs
TEFAP: Availability of Foods for Fiscal Year 2016
Demystifying the USDA Foods Complaint Process Part One
USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food Reports (2015 reports)
SP15-2016 CEP State Agency Procedures to Ensure Identified Student Percentage Accuracy
Other Produce Safety Resources
Produce Safety Webinars
Videos: Produce Safety Hacks
Produce Information Sheets
Produce Safety Fact Sheets
Announcement of Competition under the America COMPETES, Reauthorization Act of 2010
SP12 CACFP05 SFSP09-2016 Guidance on Competitive Procurement Standards for Program Operators
SP10-2016 FNS-828 Paid Lunch Price Report: New Submission Date and Reporting Template
Deductible Excess Medical Expenses
Direct Certification Improvement Grant Summaries
WIC Participant and Program Characteristics 2014
Eat School Lunch UX Challenge
ABAWD Time Limit Policy and Program Access Memo
SFSP08-2016 Summer Food Service Program Questions and Answers
SP05 SFSP05-2016 Meal Service Requirements in the Summer Meal Programs, with Questions and Answers
SP03 CACFP03 SFSP03-2016 Procurement Standards and Resource Management Requirements related to Franchise Agreements
SP02 CACFP02 SFSP02-2016 Questions and Answers on the Transition to and Implementation of 2 CFR Part 200
Nondiscrimination Statement
SP07 SFSP07-2016 Local Foods and Related Activities in Summer Meal Programs, with Questions and Answers
2016-2 Updated Nondiscrimination Statement for WIC State Agencies
2016-1 Updated Nondiscrimination Statement for SFMNP State Agencies
WIC Food Package Policy Options II
2016-1 Updated Nondiscrimination Statement for FMNP State Agencies