Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
Refresher on FNS Instruction 709-5: Shipment and Receipt of USDA Foods
FNS Instruction 709-5 FNS-GD-2019-0024 Shipment and Receipt of USDA Foods
FNS Instruction 835-1 Rev 2 FNS-GD-2016-0063 Authorized Supplemental Foods and Distribution Rates of Foods for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)
FNS Instruction 716-4 Rev.1 FNS-GD-2008-0024 Administrative Budget Negotiation Guidance for FDPIR and the Food Distribution Program for Indian Households in Oklahoma
FNS Instruction 113-1 FNS-GD-2005-0051 Civil Rights Compliance and Enforcement – Nutrition Programs and Activities
FNS-GD-2005-0011 Reminder about Storage and Handling of Dried Fruits, Fruit/Nut Trail Mix, Grains and Grain Products
FNS Instruction 716-3 Rev. 1 FNS-GD-2002-0015 The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP): Administrative Costs
WIC 813-1 FNS-GD-1993-0005 WIC Program—Allowable Costs: Real Property
WIC 800-2 FNS-GD-1992-0006 WIC Program— Use of WIC Acronym and Logo
WIC 800-1 FNS-GD-1990-0001 WIC Program—General Administration: Confidentiality
WIC 803-12R1 FNS-GD-1988-0023 Certification: Limitations on Targeting Strategies Including Use of Applicant Age
WIC 803-7R1 FNS-GD-1988-0017 WIC Program—Certification: Health Professionals on Strike
WIC 803-9R1 FNS-GD-1988-0018 WIC Program—Certification: Actions Which Affect Participation in Mid Certification
WIC 806-2R1 FNS-GD-1988-0019 WIC Program—Food Delivery Systems: Separate Cashiers for WIC Participants
WIC 806-4R1 FNS-GD-1988-0020 WIC Program—Food Delivery System: Military Commissaries as WIC Program Vendors
WIC 807-2R1 FNS-GD-1988-0021 WIC Program—Program Costs- Focal Instruments Used in Compliance Purchases
WIC 807-3R1 FNS-GD-1988-0022 WIC Program—Program Costs: Administrative and Program Services Costs
WIC 803-2R1 FNS-GD-1988-0002 WIC Program—Certification: Nutritional Risk Priority System
WIC 803-3R1 FNS-GD-1988-0003 WIC Program - Certification: Income Eligibility
WIC 803-4R1 FNS-GD-1988-0004 WIC Program—Certification: Certification Periods
WIC 803-6R1 FNS-GD-1988-0005 WIC Program—Certification: Waiting Lists
WIC 803-10 FNS-GD-1988-0006 WIC Program—Certification: Certification of Priority II Infants
WIC 803-14 FNS-GD-1988-0007 WIC Program—Certification: Eligibility of Special Populations
WIC 803-16 FNS-GD-1988-0008 WIC Program—Certification: Participation of Breast-Feeding Women and their Infants
WIC 812-2R1 FNS-GD-1984-0001 WIC Program—Closeout Procedures: Unliquidated Obligations on the Final SF-269, Financial Status Report
WIC 819-1 FNS-GD-1982-0006 WIC Program—Fair Hearing Procedures for Participants: Making Fair Hearing Procedures Efficient
WIC 819-2 FNS-GD-1982-0007 WIC Program—Fair Hearing Procedures for Participants: Granting a Fair Hearing to Persons Who Appeal Placement on the Waiting List
WIC 803-5 FNS-GD-1982-0005 WIC Program—Certification: Use of Social Security Numbers
WIC 815-1 FNS-GD-1981-0001 Purchase of Medical Equipment (SNP)