Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
FY 2021 PTIG Webinar #1
SNAP Grants for States Using Third Party Income Databases for Verification 2021
How Community College Systems and SNAP Agencies Can Take Career Pathways to Scale
Lessons Learned Starting Up and Scaling SNAP E&T Partnerships
The Employment Landscape for SNAP Participants in a Post Pandemic World
Braiding Services for the Best Outcomes
SNAP E&T Pilots: Lessons Learned from Offering Innovative SNAP E&T Services under Pilot Projects
Targeting E&T Services to Unique SNAP Populations
Treating the Whole Person: A Recipe for Long-Term Success
Building Partnerships across Workforce and Human Service Systems to Serve SNAP E&T Participants
Strategies to Move People Forward in Rural Areas
2020 SNAP E&T National Forum: Closing Plenary and Q&A
Plenary Session: Inspiring Hope and Overcoming Hurdles with SNAP Employment and Training
Connecting to Employers without Reinventing the Wheel
Getting the Word Out: Improving SNAP Notices
Serving and Engaging ABAWDS through SNAP E&T
Innovations in the Management and Operations of SNAP E&T Programs
Using Human-Centered Design to Increase Engagement in SNAP E&T
Career Services – A Customized Approach to the Labor Market and Employer Relationships
COVID-19: Looking Back and Moving Forward – Reflections on SNAP E&T from State Agencies
Going from Plain Vanilla to the Cherry on Top: Maximizing the Power of Intermediaries
Making the Business Case: Employment Opportunities for the Long-Term Unemployed
Social Distancing as a Skill Set in a COVID Environment
One Workforce: A Federal-State Partnership Initiative for Innovation
Are You There? Virtual and Hybrid Case Management that Goes the Distance
Expanding Pathways to Self-Sufficiency: Experiences Scaling National Models
SNAP to Skills: Four Years of Lessons Learned on SNAP E&T Operations
Using SNAP E&T to Expand Post Pandemic Employment Services
Federal and State Employment Collaboration: An E&T Success Story in Kansas
2020 SNAP E&T National Forum: Opening and Welcome
Secretary Perdue Strengthens SNAP Employment and Training
ABAWD Policy and Operations Training for State SNAP Agencies
School Nutrition and Meal Cost Study (SNMCS) Webinar Series on Study Findings
SNMCS Webinar Series - School Meal Program Operations
SNMCS Webinar Series - Meeting the Updated Nutrition Standards and the Nutritional Quality of School Lunches
SNMCS Webinar Series - School Meal Costs and Foodservice Revenues
SNMCS Webinar Series - Dietary Intakes of School Lunch Participants and Nonparticipants
SNMCS Webinar Series - Satisfaction with School Meals and Plate Waste
Final Rulemaking: Requirements for Able-Bodied Bodied Adults Without Dependents Webinar for States
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Advertising and Marketing
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Incentives
SNAP E&T In Action: Self-Sufficiency
Writing SNAP-Ed Stories: Simple Strategies for Success
Better Jobs and Increased Incomes: Integrating SNAP E&T into Career Pathway Programs
Food Crediting in Child Nutrition Programs - Request for Information
Enhancing Retailer Standards in SNAP – Stocking Requirements
FNS Buy American Webinar - Nov. 20, 2017
SNAP E&T Outcome Reporting Requirements Webinar
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Incentives
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Building Partnerships