Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
FNS-GD-1997-0016 Guidance on State Option Food Stamp Programs
FNS-GD-1997-0017 Work Supplementation or Support Guidance Q&As
FNS-GD-2013-0066 Further Questions Answers on the Balanced Budget Act of 1997
FNS-GD-1997-0020 Food Stamp Comparable Disqualifications
FNS-GD-1997-0015 Guidance on State Option Food Stamp Programs
FMNP 98-1 FNS-GD-1997-0019 Use of Welch's Grant Funds for the FMNP
CACFP14-2012 FNS-GD-2012-0031 Guidance on the Serious Deficiency Process and Acceptable Corrective Action Plans, National Disqualified List Procedures and Debt Collection
SP05 CACFP04 SFSP04-2021 FNS-GD-2021-0001 Q&As to Allow Summer Food Service Program and Seamless Summer Option Operations School Year 2020-2021 #4
COVID–19: Child Nutrition Response #71 FNS-GD-2021-0002 Nationwide Waiver of Food Service Management Contract Duration in the National School Lunch Program and Summer Food Service Program Extension
FNS-GD-2020-0190 SNAP - Temporary Increase in Maximum Allotments due to COVID-19 (revised as of 12/28/2020)
Crediting Single-Serving Packages of Grains in the CACFP
FDPIR 2018 Farm Bill Demonstration Project for Tribal Organizations
Funds Provided to American Indians/Alaska Natives that are Excluded by Law
SP 06-2021, CACFP 05-2021 FNS-GD-2021-0007 Child Nutrition Program Emergency Operating Costs During COVID-19: Implementation Guidance for State Agencies
COVID–19: Child Nutrition Response #72 FNS-GD-2021-0003 Nationwide Waiver for Selected Child Nutrition Program Reporting Requirements
FFCRA Opt-In Waiver for School Year 2021-2022 National School Lunch Program USDA Foods Entitlement Calculations
FNS-GD-2021-0006 2021-2022 National School Lunch Program USDA Foods Entitlement Calculations
FNS-GD-2021-0004 Informational Memorandum: Participant Requests to Share WIC Records with Private Physicians or other Private Health Care Providers
The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, Section 4015, Longitudinal Data for Research
Longitudinal Data Project – Parameters for Participation by Interested States
Managing USDA Foods for Schools Entitlement, Orders, and Inventories in SY 2021-2022
SNAP E&T Guidance on Civil Rights Requirements
Bringing Tribal Foods and Traditions Into Cafeterias, Classrooms, and Gardens
FY 2021 Team Nutrition Training Grant Informational Webinar
FNS-GD-2021-0009 SNAP - Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents Percentage Exemption Totals for Fiscal Year 2021
Summer Meals: Best Practices for Tackling the Transportation Challenge
Summer Meals: SFSP 101 and How to Be a Summer Meals Champion
Summer Meals: Engaging Rural and Housing Communities
Summer Meals: Engaging Tribal Organizations
Summer Meals: Funding and Grant Opportunities
Summer Meals: Incorporating Local Foods
Summer Meals: Explore the New Summer Meals Toolkit
Summer Meals: Engaging Faith Based and Neighborhood Organizations
Summer Food Service Program Management Evaluation Tool
Best Practices for the Use of the USDA DoD Fresh Program in the Summer Food Service Program
SNAP Federal Disability Requirements Webinar
Securing Third-Party Partners for SNAP E&T Programs
Finding SNAP-Ed Materials the Easy Way
SNAP to Skills Webinar on Community and Technical College Partnerships
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Incentives
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Advertising and Marketing
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Building Partnerships
SNAP E&T Outcome Reporting Requirements Webinar
Enhancing Retailer Standards in SNAP – Stocking Requirements
Better Jobs and Increased Incomes: Integrating SNAP E&T into Career Pathway Programs
Writing SNAP-Ed Stories: Simple Strategies for Success
Leveraging FNS Programs in a Lead Exposure Crisis
FY 2017 Team Nutrition Training Grant RFA Informational Webinar
FY 2017 Team Nutrition Training Grant RFA Webinar: Select Measurement Tools
Webinar: Food Buying Guide Goes Digital!