Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
Discover MyPlate: Emergent Reader Mini Books
SP09-2017 FNS-GD-2016-0086 2017 Edition of Questions and Answers for the National School Lunch Program’s Seamless Summer Option
FNS-74 Federal-State Agreement Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs
CSFP and TEFAP Regulatory Update
Celebrate National Farm to School Month
Community Food Systems in Native Communities - What Does Farm to School Look Like?
Community Food Systems in Native Communities - Incorporating Traditional Foods in Child Nutrition Program Menus
Community Food Systems in Native Communities - Partnering for Success in Tribal Communities
Community Food Systems in Native Communities - Engaging Students
Planning Toolkit - Intro to Farm to School: Planning and Building a Team
Planning Toolkit - Setting Goals and Establishing an Evaluation Baseline
Planning Toolkit - Finding and Buying Local Foods
Planning Toolkit - Farm to School Menu Planning
Planning Toolkit - Food Safety
Planning Toolkit - Promoting Your Farm to School Program
Planning Toolkit - School Gardening
Planning Toolkit - Curriculum Integration
Planning Toolkit - Program Sustainability
Planning Toolkit - Evaluating Your Program
Planning Toolkit - Tying it All Together and Digging In
Overview of the 2015 Farm to School Census
CACFP Nutrition and Wellness Webinar: Resources, Partnerships, and Best Practices in Minnesota
CSFP State and Local Agency Training for New Mexico
Applying the USDA Foods Complaint Process
FDPIR: Overview of OMB’s Uniform Guidance
Processing Webinar Series: USDA Foods Order Management and Monitoring, Part 1
Processing Webinar Series: USDA Foods Order Management and Monitoring, Part 2
Leveraging FNS Programs in a Lead Exposure Crisis
Local Foods and Enriching Activities in Summer Meal Programs
FY 2016 Administrative Reviews and Training (ART) Grants Webinar
Fuel Up to Play 60 Equipment Grants
Local Agency Procurement Review Tool for School Year 2016-2017
FD-137 FNS-GD-2016-0056 Alternative Value Pass-Through System Pilot Project under the Department of Defense Fresh Program
Team Nutrition MyPlate eBooks
FNS-GD-2019-0012 Summer Food Service Program FAQs
MyPlate, MyState: Celebrating Local Foods and Healthy Eating - Toolkit for Teachers
USDA Rural Child Poverty Nutrition Center Grants 2016
Federal Food Assistance Resources
SP54-2016 FNS-GD-2016-0062 Community Eligibility Provision: Guidance and Updated Q&As
FD-076 FNS-GD-2016-0099 Categorical Eligibility (Revised)
SP55 CACFP26 SFSP18-2016 FNS-GD-2016-0060 Meal Service During Unanticipated School and Day Care Closures
Certification of Compliance Worksheets: 3-Day Schedule
SP37-2016 FNS-GD-2016-0033 Meaningful Access for Persons with Limited English Proficiency in the School Meal Programs: Guidance and Q&As
SP38-2016 FNS-GD-2016-0032 Q&As on the Final Rule: Professional Standards for State and Local School Nutrition Programs Personnel as Required by the HHFKA
Local School Wellness Policy
CACFP 23-2016 FNS-GD-2016-0057 Feeding Infants and Meal Pattern Requirements in the Child and Adult Care Food Program; Questions and Answers
CACFP 07-2016 FNS-GD-2016-0011 FY 2016 Reallocation of CACFP Audit Funds
CACFP 02-2017 FNS-GD-2016-0074 Grain Requirements in the CACFP: Q&As
FD-037 FNS-GD-2016-0083 Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance Audit Requirements
FD-093 FNS-GD-2016-0096 Questions and Answers about Disaster Policies and Procedures: Revised