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Child Nutrition Tables
SNAP Pandemic Planning
Using USDA Food During a Human Pandemic Outbreak Options for Schools and Communities
Comment Request - SNAP 2008 Farm Bill Provisions on Clarification of Split Issuance; Accrual of Benefits and Definition Changes
USDA Foods in Schools Product Information Sheets - Other Foods
USDA Foods in Schools Product Information Sheets - Vegetables
USDA Foods in Schools Product Information Sheets - Fruits
FDPIR Food Package Review Work Group Minutes
FNS Handbook 501, Exhibit O FDPIR Monthly Distribution Guide Rates By Household Size
WBSCM CrossWalks
USDA Foods in Schools Ordering Schedule
Comment Request - Turnip the Beet! High Quality Summer Meals Award Program
USDA Foods Processing Templates and Forms
Comment Request - WIC Breastfeeding Award of Excellence
National Processing Agreement (NPA) Approved Processors
FDPNE Grant Program Factsheet
FDPNE Webinar Series Video #8: FDPNE Application Evaluation Factors
FDPNE Webinar Series Video #7: FDPNE Budget Development
FDPNE Webinar Series Video #6: Using the FDPNE Application Template
FDPNE Webinar Series Video #5: FDPNE Project Goal Selection
FDPNE Webinar Series Video #1: What is FDPNE and who is Eligible to Apply?
FDPNE Webinar Series Video #4: Overview of the 2020 FDPNE RFA
SFSP Reimbursement Rates
Request for Information: WIC National Universal Product Code Database Next Steps
FDPNE Webinar Series Video #3: The FDPNE Application Process
FDPNE Webinar Series Video #2: What's New in the 2020 FDPNE RFA?
USDA Foods in Schools Product Information Sheets - Grains
Proposed Rule: Streamlining Program Requirements and Improving Integrity in the SFSP
SP07-2020 Paid Lunch Equity: Guidance for School Year 2020-21
SP06-2020 School Breakfast Program: Continuation of the Substitution of Vegetables for Fruit Flexibility
Comment Request - Determining Eligibility for Free and Reduced Price Meals and Free Milk
USDA Foods E-Letters
USDA Foods in Schools Fact Sheet
WIC EBT Activities
CSFP: Final Caseload Assignments for the 2020 Caseload Cycle and Administrative Grants
FNS Handbook 901 - Advance Planning Documents
TEFAP Fact Sheet
Processor Material Prices
Delivery Order Status Reports
FD-147 Policy Cancellation Memorandum
FNS Handbook 501 for FDPIR
State of Origin for USDA Foods
CSFP Orientation for New States
Comment Request - Information Collection for the Child and Adult Care Food Program
School Nutrition and Meal Cost Study (SNMCS) Webinar Series on Study Findings
SNMCS Webinar Series - Satisfaction with School Meals and Plate Waste
SNMCS Webinar Series - Dietary Intakes of School Lunch Participants and Nonparticipants
SNMCS Webinar Series - School Meal Costs and Foodservice Revenues
SNMCS Webinar Series - Meeting the Updated Nutrition Standards and the Nutritional Quality of School Lunches
SNMCS Webinar Series - School Meal Program Operations