Date Document# Title
Additional Guidance on the CACFP Second Interim Rule
FD-039 Bonding in National Master Processing Agreements
Simplified Summer Food Program: SFSP Memorandum #01-05
Letter to Child Care Provider
CACFP 01-2005: Use of Enrollment Data for Establishing Claiming Percentages and Determining the Eligibility of Proprietary Centers
Procurement and Service of Whole Grain Products
School Districts and Federal Procurement Regulations
CACFP02-2004 Allowability of Cost for Directors and Officers Insurance in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
Overpayments in the CACFP: Reauthorization 2004 Implementation Memo CACFP 4
Guidance on Determining Categorical Eligibility for Free Lunches and Breakfasts for Youth Served under the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act
Fluid Milk Provisions - Reauthorization 2004: Implementation Memo SP 7
Clarification on Acceptable Infant Formulas
Implementing Changes to the CACFP in Interim Rule entitled, “CACFP: Improving Management and Program Integrity”
FD-034 FDPIR – Eligibility of Native Hawaiians
FSP – Eligibility of Victims of Severe Trafficking
FD-035 FDPIR - Flexible Benefit Packages/"Cafeteria Plans"
FD-033 FDPIR – Changes in Household Composition Resulting from Deployment of Reservists
Verification of Income Eligibility – Reauthorization 2004 Implementation
Categorical Eligibility for Free Lunches and Breakfasts for Migrant Children
Nutrition Requirements: Special Assistance: Amendment Expanding Provisions 2 & 3 District-wide
WIC 2004-4 Implementation of the Infant Formula Cost Containment Provisions of PL 108-265
Medicare Prescription Drug Card
Irradiation Requirements in "The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004"
Categorical Eligibility for Free Lunches and Breakfasts of Runaway, Homeless, and Migrant Youth
FD-031 Treatment of Income Intended for Foster Care
Child Nutrition State Administrative Expense (SAE) Funds Reauthorization 2004 Implementation Memo CN 2
Providing Information versus Writing Bid Specifications and Contract Terms
Reaffirming FNS’ Position on Rebates, Discounts, and Other Applicable Credits in Cost Reimbursable Contracts
Duration of Households’ Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Determination - Reauthorization 2004: Implementation Memo - SP 3
Exclusion of the Housing Allowance for Military Households in Privatized Housing - Reauthorization 2004: Implementation Memo CN 1
WIC 2004-2 Treatment of Medicare Prescription Drug Card and Related Transitional Assistance in WIC Income Eligibility Determinations
Eligibility of Upward Bound Sites
Applicability of Federal Requirements to State Agency Procurements
WIC 2002-6, Rev 1 WIC Racial/Ethnic Data Collection
Extension of Certain Child Nutrition Program Provisions through June 30, 2004
Contract Requirements for School Sponsors
FD-023 Accounting for Donated Foods in Cost-Reimbursable Contracts Between School Food Authorities and Food Service Management Companies
Privacy Act: Proposed New System of Records
CACFP Memorandum #1-04: Sponsor Monitoring Requirements in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)
Extension of Certain Child Nutrition Programs Provisions through March 31, 2004
Fraud Policy: 7 CFR 273.16
FSP - Head of Household as Individual Responsible for Intentional Program Violations (IPV)
FSP - Revisiting Policy Regarding Head of Household as Individual