Date Document# Title
SP16-2013 Revised Meat/Meat Alternates and Milk Charts in the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs
FY12 State Reporting of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits Funding in Connection With A-133 Single Audits
SP09 CACFP04-2013 Streamlining At-Risk Meal Participation for School Food Authorities
SP07 SFSP04-2013 Summer Feeding Options for School Food Authorities
FD-049 Substitution and Valuation of USDA Cheese
FD-127 Approval of End Products and Monitoring of End Product Sales
FD-125 Offering School Food Authorities the Required Value and Variety of USDA Foods, and Efficient and Cost-Effective Distribution
FD-126 Review of Administrative Funds Provided to Eligible Recipient Agencies (ERA) in TEFAP
SP03 CACFP02 SFSP02-2013 Procurement Geographic Preference Q&As – Part II
Supplemental Guidance on Cost Allocation for Exchange and Medicaid Information Technology (IT) Systems Questions and Answers
SP44-2012 Q&As Related to the 6 Cents Certification Tool
CACFP24-2012 Family Day Care Home Administrative Reimbursements: Carryover Reporting Requirements for Fiscal Year 2012 and All Subsequent Years
Further USDA Information on Central Valley Meat Investigation (SP 47 - 2012, CACFP 23- 2012, SFSP 17- 2012)
Treatment of Medical Loss Ratio Rebates
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Revised Allotments for Hawaii for Fiscal Year (FY) 2013
FD-124 Determining Local Agency Reviews
SP45-2012 Preventing Overt Identification of Children Certified for Free or Reduced Price School Meals
CACFP19-2012 Updated Guidance for the Adult Day Care Component of the CACFP
CACFP21-2012 Eligibility
CACFP20-2012 Participant Eligibility in the Adult Day Care Component of the CACFP
FD-123 Maintenance of Lists of Eligible Recipient Agencies (ERA) Participating in TEFAP
CACFP18 SFSP14-2012 Tribal Participation in the CACFP and the SFSP
SP38-2012 Residential Child Care Institutions Exception for Safety if Serving Multiple Age/Grade Groups
SP33-2012 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Fees in FSMC Contracts
FD-122 Substitution of Donated Foods in Advance of Purchase and Negative Inventories
Approval of SNAP E&T Plans
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents Waivers for Fiscal Year 2013
CACFP15-2012 Health and Safety Standards for Outside-School-Hours Care Centers and At-Risk Afterschool Care Centers
CACFP14-2012 Guidance on the Serious Deficiency Process and Acceptable Corrective Action Plans, National Disqualified List Procedures and Debt Collection
SP30-2012 Grain Requirements for the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program
CACFP13 SFSP11-2012 Revised: Eligibility Based on Census Data: Revision of 2012 Data Release
SNAP - Clarification of Comparable Disqualification
SP28-2012 Q&As on the Paid Lunch Price Report
SP26-2012 Formulated Grain Fruit Products
SFSP 10-2012 Disaster Response
CACFP11-2012 Family Day Care Home Administrative Reimbursements: Options and Carryover Reporting Requirements
FD-120 Criteria for Determining Household Income Eligibility for TEFAP Foods Intended for Home Consumption
CACFP09-2012 Guidance on Reallocation of CACFP Audit Funds
SP19-2012 Soliciting Bids from Commercial Distributors for End Products
SP18-2012 Paid Lunch Price Report
SP17-2012 Procurement Q&As to Assist in the Implementation of the Final Rule: Nutrition Standards in the NSLP and SBP
CACFP08-2012 The At-Risk Afterschool Meals Component of the CACFP, Q&As
The At-Risk Afterschool Meals Component of the Child and Adult Care Food Program, Questions and Answers
FD-119 Soliciting Bids from Commercial Distributors for End Products
CACFP07 SFSP09-2012 Eligibility Based on Census Data: 2012 Data Release
CACFP06 SFSP08-2012 Guidance on Income Eligibility Determinations and Duration
SP13-2012 Verification for Cause in the School Meals Programs
2012-1 Offering to Sell WIC Foods, Benefits, and/or EBT Cards Publicly or Online
SP11 CACFP05 SFSP07-2012 Guidance on the Food Donation Program in Child Nutrition Programs
CACFP04-2012 Changes to the FNS-44, Report of the CACFP