Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
OVS Middle/High School Breakfast Poster
OVS Elementary School Breakfast Poster
Team Nutrition Recipes
Feeding Kids When Schools Are Closed
Child Nutrition Program Meal Service During COVID-19
Digital Nutrition Resources for Kids
Offer vs Serve Breakfast Program Tip Sheet
Offer vs Serve Lunch Program Tip Sheet
Offer vs Serve High School Lunch Poster
Offer vs Serve Middle School Lunch Poster
Offer vs Serve Elementary School Lunch Poster
What You Can Do To Help Prevent Wasted Food
Local School Wellness Policy
Food Buying Guide Brochure
Exhibit A Grains Tool to the Rescue!
Offer Versus Serve Materials
Crediting Vegetable Noodles and Coconut in the Child Nutrition Programs
Navigating the Food Buying Guide FBG Calculator
Serving School Meals to Preschoolers
FNS-GD-2018-0032 Menu Planner
FNS-GD-2018-0001 Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs
FNS-GD-2016-0058 Local School Wellness Policy Summary of the Final Rule
MyPlate Guide To School Breakfast
MyPlate Guide To School Lunch
Recipes for Healthy Kids: Cookbook for Schools
This Summer, Eat Smart to Play Hard: A Parent’s Guide
Best Practices for Healthy School Fundraisers
MyPlate Nate and Kate Stickers
Make Today a Try-Day! Stickers
Launch Your Day with Breakfast! Stickers
Team Nutrition Popular Events Idea Booklet
MyPlate Posters
Team Nutrition Middle School Posters
Team Nutrition Elementary School Posters
Whole Grain Resource for the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs
Recipes for Healthy Kids: Cookbook for Child Care Centers
Grow It, Try It, Like It! Nutrition Education Kit Featuring MyPlate
Maximizing the Message: Helping Moms and Kids Make Healthier Food Choices
Fruits & Vegetables Galore: Helping Kids Eat More