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Comment Request - SNAP Store Applications (Forms FNS-252, FNS-252-C, FNS-252-E, FNS-252-FE, FNS-252-R and FNS-252-2)
Information Collection: Waiver Requests To Offer Incentives to SNAP Recipients at Authorized Stores
2018-06 Retailer Sanctions – Debarment of Disqualified Firms
Retailer Eligibility-Accessory Foods in Store Eligibility Determinations
Comment Request - SNAP Store Applications (FNS-252, FNS-252-E, FNS-252-FE, FNS-252-R, FNS-252-2 & FNS-252-C)
Electronic Benefits Transfer Online Purchasing Pilot Request for Volunteers
SNAP Questions and Answers Concerning the Trafficking Controls and Fraud Investigations Final Rule
SNAP and ACA Q&A Parts I & II Memo
SNAP – Updated Federal Trafficking Definition
Websites for State Policy Manuals
Cupones Para Alimentos De USDA Alerta Sobre Intentos De Fraude
USDA Food Stamp Fraud Alert
Clarification of Farm Bill Certification Provisions of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Questions and Answers #3
Q&As on Certification Issues from the 2008 Farm Bill #2
Questions and Answers on the Farm Bill
Food Stamp Provisions of the Farm Bill
Fraud Policy: 7 CFR 273.16
FSP - Head of Household as Individual Responsible for Intentional Program Violations (IPV)
Cooperación del Programa de Cupones para Alimentos con investigaciones de fraude
Food Stamp Program Cooperation with Fraud Investigations