Date Document# Title
Allowable per Case-Month Exemptions by State
Proposed Rule: FSP High Performance Bonuses
Characteristics of Food Stamp Households: Fiscal Year 2002
Interim Rule: FSP Non-Discretionary Quality Control Provisions of Title IV of PL 107-171
Tables Describing the Asset and Vehicle Holdings of Low-Income Households in 1999
Final Rule: FSP Administrative Review Requirements-Food Retailers and Wholesalers
The Extent of Trafficking in The Food Stamp Program: 1999 - 2002
Guide to To Assessing Food Stamp Application Forms
Trends in the FSP Participation Rates: Focus on 1999 to 2001
Guide to Assessing Food Stamp Application Forms
Final Rule: Food Stamp Program Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Systems Interoperability and Portability
Final Rule: FSP Anticipating Income and Reporting Changes
Proposed Rule: FSP Reauthorization - Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) and Retail Food Stores Provisions of the Food Stamp Reauthorization Act of 2002
Food Stamp Participation Rates and Benefits: An Analysis of Variation Within Demographic Groups
Cooperación del Programa de Cupones para Alimentos con investigaciones de fraude
Food Stamp Program Cooperation with Fraud Investigations
Expunging Food Stamp EBT Benefits: A Case Study of the Elderly in the Three States
Characteristics of Food Stamp Households: Fiscal Year 2001