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USDA Foods E-Letters
USDA Foods in Schools Product Information Sheets - Fruits
USDA Foods in Schools Fact Sheet
SP05-2020 Questions & Answers Regarding Professional Standards for State and Local School Nutrition Program Personnel
CSFP: Final Caseload Assignments for the 2020 Caseload Cycle and Administrative Grants
TEFAP Fact Sheet
Delivery Order Status Reports
FD-147 Policy Cancellation Memorandum
FNS Handbook 501 for FDPIR
State of Origin for USDA Foods
CSFP Orientation for New States
FDPIR Monthly Distribution Guide Rates By Household Size
USDA Foods Toolkit for Child Nutrition Programs
Short and Long Week Calculations
WBSCM CrossWalks
Farm to School Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions
Terms and Conditions for Funds Available for Storage and Distribution of Food Purchase Distribution Program Foods
Obligation and Liquidation of FY 2019 Trade Mitigation Eligible Recipient Agency (ERA) Operational Funds
What’s New in the USDA DoD Fresh Program?
Employment and Training Resources Available to States
USDA DoD Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
FD-146 FD-146: Questions and Answers about Distribution Procedures in TEFAP
PTIG Program Two-Pager May 2019
SP04 CACFP03 SFSP03-2020 Meal Service During Unanticipated School Closures
Integrated Food Management System (IFMS)
Processor Material Prices
Commodity Supplemental Food Program: Delayed Implementation of Revised Food Package Maximum Monthly Distribution Rates
Informational Memorandum: WIC Infant Formula Rebate Solicitations – Bidding on Single Milk- and Soy-Based Infant Formula
USDA Foods in Schools Photo Contest
FDPIR Food Package Review Work Group
CSFP Food Package Toolkit
SP36-2019 Updated School Meal Guidance
SP41-2019 Salad Bars in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program
SP40 CACFP17 SFSP17-2019 Smoothies Offered in the Child Nutrition Programs
SP39-2019 Clarification on the Milk and Water Requirements in the School Meal Program
SP38-2019 Meal Requirements under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program: Q&As for Program Operators
SP37 CACFP16-2019 Q&As on the Final Rule Child Nutrition Programs: Flexibilities for Milk, Whole Grains, and Sodium Requirements
FDPIR Nutrition Education Grant Awards
Household Programs USDA Foods Product Information Sheets: Vegetables
Household Programs USDA Foods Product Information Sheets: Oils
Household Programs USDA Foods Product Information Sheets: Proteins
Are you Ready for the CSFP Food Package Changes?
Household Programs USDA Foods Product Information Sheets and Recipes
Office of Community Food Systems Fact Sheet - Food Safety Modernization Act: Questions and Answers
Community Food Systems Fact Sheet - Facts About Food Safety
USDA Foods Expected to be Available
School Lunch and Breakfast Sodium Limits and Timeline
School Breakfast Program Meal Pattern Chart
National School Lunch Program Meal Pattern Chart
Refresher on FNS Instruction 709-5: Shipment and Receipt of USDA Foods