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New Requirements for USDA Vendors: Reporting of Nutrition, Allergen, and Ingredient Information for USDA Foods in Schools
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FNS-GD-2020-0189 Informational Memorandum: Use of Manufacturer-Provided Nutrition Information to Determine WIC Food Item Eligibility
FNS-GD-2020-0129 SNAP-Ed Guidance Plan and Templates
Healthy Recipes from Lac du Flambeau
Nutrition Benefits of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program
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Feeding Infants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
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WIC Nutrition Education Study: Phase II Final Report
Nibbles for Health: Nutrition Newsletters for Parents of Young Children
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Analysis of SNAP-Ed Data for All States
WIC Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices Study 2: Second Year Report
WIC Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices Study 2: Infant Year Report
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