Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
Title I Agricultural Programs (PL 111-80)
National WIC Breastfeeding Week 2018 Proclamation
Food Assistance: Financial Information on WIC Nutrition Services and Administrative Costs
Food Assistance: Performance Measures for Assessing Three WIC Services
Food Assistance: Research Provides Limited Information on the Effectiveness of Specific WIC Nutrition Services
Food Assistance: WIC Faces Challenges in Providing Nutrition Services
FNS-GD-2004-0009 Nutrition Education: USDA Provides Services through Multiple Programs, but Stronger Linkages among Efforts Are Needed
A Report to Congress – Executive Summary
Survey of the Public Health Nutrition Workforce 1999-2000
WIC Breastfeeding Award of Excellence Awardees
Loving Support Award of Excellence Program
WIC and Retail Grocery Stores
WIC Nutrition Education Demonstration Study: Final Report - Prenatal Intervention
2005 WIC Vendor Management Study
A Comparison of WIC Vendor Management Practices in 1991 and 1998
Adolescent WIC Participants Study
Analysis of WIC Food Package Prescriptions,1998-2002
FD-143 FNS-GD-2017-0025 Prohibition of SNAP Recruitment and Promotion Activities by FDPIR and TEFAP Administering Agencies
WIC 2009-3 FNS-GD-2009-0061 State Agency Furloughs and Shutdowns
Survey of the Public Health Nutrition Workforce: 2006-07
Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants
WIC 2010-3 FNS-GD-2009-0083 Transition Participation Reporting
WIC 2004-2 FNS-GD-2004-0017 Treatment of Medicare Prescription Drug Card and Related Transitional Assistance in WIC Income Eligibility Determinations
WIC 2006-6 FNS-GD-2006-0017 Vendor Cost Containment Interim Rule Clarification
WIC 2007-4 FNS-GD-2007-0015 WIC Advanced Planning Document (APD) Policy Changes
WIC ARRA Funds Awarded - By Project and Line Item
WIC EBT Technical Implementation Guide 2012 Version
WIC MIS – EBT Universal Interface
2011-5 FNS-GD-2011-0039 WIC Nutrition Risk Criteria
WIC 2008-4 FNS-GD-2008-0029 WIC Nutrition Services Documentation
WIC 2008-1 FNS-GD-2008-0002 WIC Program Explanation for Participants
WIC 2002-6, Rev 1 FNS-GD-2004-0011 WIC Racial/Ethnic Data Collection
Summary of Changes to the WIC EBT Technical Implementation Guide September 2012 Version
WIC Special Project Grants Evaluation Technical Assistance Guide
WPM 2015-3 FNS-GD-2015-0003 Eligibility of White Potatoes for Purchase with the Cash-Value Voucher
WIC 2007-2a FNS-GD-2008-0009 Guidance - State Agency Model (SAM) Systems Transfer Requirements
WIC 2010-4 FNS-GD-2010-0008 Haitian Refugees in the WIC Program
Helping WIC Agencies serve Mothers and Children
2015-4 FNS-GD-2015-0047 Increase in the Cash Value Voucher for Pregnant, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding Women
2015-7 FNS-GD-2015-0044 Medicaid Primary Payer for Exempt Infant Formulas and Medical Foods
WIC 2015-6 FNS-GD-2015-0042 Promising Practices in WIC Food Cost Containment
WIC 2007-1 FNS-GD-2007-0001 Certification and Monthly Food Benefits Issuance Cycles and Reporting Monthly Participation on the FNS-798
WIC 2009-1 FNS-GD-2008-0066 Clarification on Use of the WIC Acronym and Logo
2011-7 FNS-GD-2011-0041 Conversion Factors for WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines (IEGs)
FNS-GD-2013-0056 WIC Coordination Strategies Handbook
EBT One-Card Technical and Programmatic Considerations
WIC 2010-2 FNS-GD-2009-0071 Implementation of PL 111-80 Exclusion of Combat Pay from WIC Income Eligibility Determination
WIC 2004-4 FNS-GD-2004-0028 Implementation of the Infant Formula Cost Containment Provisions of PL 108-265
2011-3 FNS-GD-2011-0020 Implementation of WIC-Related Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Provisions of PL 111-296