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Last Published: 11/27/2013

The following forms are available from F​NS:

  • Food Distribution

Destination Data for Delivery of Donated Foods FNS-7 (638.19 KB)
Report of Shipment Received, Over, Short and/or Damaged (663.29 KB)
Food Requisition
USDA Multi-Food Requisition
Federal-State Agreement for Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs FNS-74 (1.07 MB)
Participation in Food Programs - By Race FNS-101 (1.01 MB)
Monthly Distribution of Donated Foods to Family Units FNS-152 (1.34 MB)
Monthly Report of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program and Quarterly Administrative Financial Status Report FNS-153 (870.76 KB)
Report of Commodity Distribution for Disaster Relief FNS-292a (1.03 MB)
Report of Disaster Food Stamp Benefit Issuance FNs-292b (1.98 MB)
Public Voucher - Commodity Programs FSA 21 (104.75 KB)
Inventory Management Register (587.02 KB)

  • The Emergency Food Assistance Program(TEFAP)
  • Food Distribution

Report of The Emergency Food Assistance Program Administrative Costs FNS-667 (606.59 KB)

  • HR

Employee Address AD-349
Appointment Affidavits Appointment Affidavits
Statement of Prior Federal Service SF-144
Race and National Origin SF-181
Self Identification of Handicap SF-256
Designation of Beneficiary SF-1152
Employee Health Benefits Registration Form SF-2809
Life Insurance Election SF-2817
Beneficiary for Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program SF-2823
Declaration of Federal Employment OF-306
Welfare to Work OPM-1635
Election Form TSP-1
Designation of Beneficiary TSP-3
Direct Deposit SF-1199A
Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate W-4

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP Employment and Training (E&T) Program Activity Report FNS-583 (49.22 KB)
FNS-252-2 (711.57 KB)

  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Federal-State Supplemental Nutrition Program Agreement FNS-339 (1.03 MB)

  • FM

Supplemental Form for Collecting Taxpayer Identifying Numbers Authority
Assurances - Non Construction Programs

  • School Meals

Report of School Program Operations FNS-10 (628.54 KB)
Annual Report of State Revenue Matching FNS-13 (1.05 MB)
Financial Status Report FNS-777 (1.93 MB)
Federal Financial Report
Local Education Agency Second Review of Applications Report FNS-742a (563.51 KB)
Report of the Summer Food Service Program for Children FNS-418 (1.09 MB)
School Food Authority (SFA) Verification Collection Report FNS-742 (1.1 MB)
State Agency (NSLP-SNAP) Direct Certification Rate Data Element Report FNS-834 (618.75 KB)
State Administrative Expense Funds Reallocation Report FNS-525 (574.31 KB)
Coordinated Review Effort (CRE) Data Report FNS-640 (1.05 MB)
Quarterly Report for SFA Certification (42 KB)
School Food Authority Paid Lunch Price Report FNS-828 (49.1 KB)

  • OIT

Form Access Request FNS-674A (1.54 MB)

  • Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Report of the Child and Adult Care Food Program FNS-44 (1.1 MB)


FNS-245 (1.11 MB)
FNS-742a (563.51 KB)
FNS-44 (1.1 MB)
FNS-13 (1.05 MB)