National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

State Legislation and Programs

Last Published: 04/28/2017

By Gordon W. Gunderson

State Legislation Programs

"By 1937, 15 States had passed laws specifically authorizing local school boards to operate lunchrooms. Although the laws commonly authorized the serving of meals at cost, usually the cost of the food only, four States made special provisions for needy children. In Indiana (for cities of over 300,000 inhabitants --Indianapolis was the only one), and in Vermont, the boards were authorized to furnish lunch without cost to poor children, and in Missouri (for cities over 500,000 --St. Louis was the only one), and Wisconsin at less than cost prices.” 25


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25  The Bureau of Agricultural Economics, USDA, The School Lunch Program and Agricultural Surplus Disposal, Miscellaneous Publications No. 467, October 1941.