Produce Safety Videos

Last Published: 11/05/2018

For more produce safety training videos visit and check out “The Produce Lab Videos” featuring Chef Cyndie and Tom Schwartz discussing some of the Culinary techniques, good agricultural practices, and quality and condition skills taught at Produce Safety University.

Produce Safety Hacks

These five videos offer “tricks of the trade” to help food service operators keep produce safe and at a high quality.  This series is available in English and Spanish.

Photo of Tom discussing ethylene gas Ethylene Gas (56 seconds) Discussing ethylene gas Etileno (1:04)
Discussing ready-to-eat produce Ready to Eat (1:03) Discussing Listo-para-el-consumo Listo-para-el-consumo (1:07)
Discussing storage temperatures Storage Temperatures (57 seconds) Discussing storage temperatures Tomando la Temperatura (59 seconds)
Discussing temperature readings Temperature Readings (1:09) Discussing temperature readings Temperatures (1:07)
Discussing washing produce Washing Produce (1:07) Discussing washing produce Lavar antes de almacenar (1:13)

Produce Safety Training Videos

These videos can be viewed as a set, or individually.  First, watch the What Went Wrong video and identify incorrect food safety practices.  Then, watch the corresponding What Went Right video and identify the correct practices.  Answers can be found in the Video Activity Answer Keys.

What Went Wrong? Videos

What Went Right? Videos