Press Releases

Last Published: 02/20/2014
Date Title
03/13/2019 USDA Announces Launch of the Start Simple with MyPlate Campaign
03/01/2019 Perdue Reiterates Need to Restore Original Intent of SNAP: A Second Chance, Not A Way of Life
02/21/2019 Members of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Announced
01/08/2019 USDA Announces Plan to Protect SNAP Participants’ Access to SNAP in February
12/26/2018 Information on Program Operations in Light of Lapse in Fiscal Year 2019 Appropriations for the Food and Nutrition Service
12/21/2018 Perdue Applauds USDA’s 2018 Accomplishments
12/21/2018 USDA Provides School Meal Flexibility, Feeds Disaster Victims and More in 2018
12/20/2018 USDA to Restore Original Intent of SNAP: A Second Chance, Not A Way of Life
12/14/2018 USDA Highlights Opportunities for Producers and Vendors
12/06/2018 Responding to the Needs of Local Schools, USDA Publishes School Meals Final Rule
12/04/2018 Growing Healthy Kids One Family at a Time: USDA Seeks Input to Improve Customer Service
11/30/2018 USDA Provides Additional Food Disaster Assistance in Three California Counties Hit by Wildfires
11/21/2018 USDA Approves SNAP Hot Foods Purchases In 14 California Counties Hit By Wildfires
11/05/2018 USDA Provides 20 Hurricane-Damaged Georgia Counties with Additional Food Assistance
10/31/2018 USDA Announces Approval of D-SNAP for North Carolina Disaster Areas
10/26/2018 USDA Provides 12 Hurricane-Hit Florida Counties with Additional SNAP Food Options
10/24/2018 Hot Foods Purchases Approved for SNAP Recipients in 23 Georgia Counties
10/18/2018 USDA Provides Hurricane Michael Victims Needed Relief and Recovery Aid
10/16/2018 USDA Announces Replacement SNAP Benefits in 12 Hurricane-Impacted Florida Counties
10/15/2018 USDA Approved Additional Food Options to Florida SNAP Participants Impacted by Hurricane Michael
10/03/2018 USDA Announces SNAP Replacements, Child and Adult Care Meal Flexibility in Certain Hurricane-Impacted Carolina Counties
09/28/2018 USDA Awards Cooperative Agreement to Enhance WIC Services
09/25/2018 USDA Announces Approval of D-SNAP for North Carolina Disaster Areas
09/21/2018 USDA Approves North Carolina WIC Flexibilities in Wake of Hurricane Florence
09/21/2018 USDA Secretary Working to Empower Local School Leaders and Improve the School Meal Programs
09/21/2018 USDA Invests in Customer Service, Modernization Projects for SNAP
09/21/2018 USDA Provides Hurricane Florence Victims Needed Relief and Recovery Aid
09/20/2018 USDA Eases Program Rules for South Carolina SNAP Participants Impacted by Florence
09/19/2018 USDA Provides North Carolina Children Affected by Hurricane Florence with Access to Free Meals
09/17/2018 USDA Provides Additional Food Options to SNAP Participants Impacted by Hurricane Florence
09/05/2018 Nominations now open for the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
08/01/2018 USDA Proclaims National WIC Breastfeeding Week and Launches New Campaign
07/14/2018 USDA Statement on SNAP Access at Farmers Markets
06/28/2018 USDA Corrects Error Reporting Issues; Releases FY 2017 SNAP Payment Error Rates
06/21/2018 USDA Supports Local Foods in Schools through Farm to School Grants
03/29/2018 USDA Expands Focus on Program Integrity Across All Nutrition Programs
03/05/2018 USDA Announces More Local Control for School Meal Operations
02/26/2018 USDA and HHS Announce New Step Toward Added Transparency in Development of 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines
02/22/2018 USDA Seeks Ideas to Help SNAP Participants Become Independent
02/20/2018 USDA Supports Disaster Recovery with Temporary Expansion of Puerto Rico Nutrition Assistance
01/30/2018 USDA Awards $1.1 Million in WIC Special Project Grants
01/24/2018 FNS Releases First Mobile App with Food Buying Guide, Takes Leap Forward in Customer Service
01/19/2018 Secretary Perdue Outlines USDA Services in the Event of a Government Shutdown
12/21/2017 USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service provides disaster relief, innovation and flexibility through federal nutrition assistance programs
12/20/2017 USDA Expands Flexibility, Encourages Program Integration in SNAP Administration
12/18/2017 USDA Selects Kansas State University to Improve Child Nutrition Safety
12/14/2017 USDA Seeks Public Input on Child Nutrition Food Crediting
12/08/2017 USDA Clears Arizona to Test SNAP Fraud Prevention Improvement
12/05/2017 USDA Promises New SNAP Flexibilities to Promote Self-Sufficiency
11/29/2017 USDA Publishes School Meals Rule, Expands Options, Eases Challenges
10/31/2017 USDA Increases Food Purchasing Power for Hurricane-Hit Virgin Islanders through D-SNAP
10/27/2017 Puerto Rican Children to Receive Free School Meals
10/23/2017 USDA: Seven Northern California Counties Affected by Wildfires to receive D-SNAP
10/19/2017 SNAP Recipients Affected by Northern California Wild Fires Receive USDA Relief
10/06/2017 USDA Brings Key Resources to Individuals and Communities Hit by Recent Hurricanes
10/04/2017 USDA Continues Disaster Assistance in Puerto Rico
10/01/2017 USDA Announces SNAP Policy for Displaced Puerto Rico Residents
09/30/2017 Food Assistance Heading to Hurricane Hit Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands Households
09/22/2017 USDA Approves D-SNAP for Florida Disaster Counties
09/19/2017 USDA Helps Schools Feed Kids in Hurricane-Hit Georgia, Florida
09/16/2017 USDA Assists Florida Children Affected by Irma
09/15/2017 USDA: Help on Way for Households Hit by Irma
09/13/2017 USDA Okays SNAP Hot Foods Waiver for Hurricane Hit Virgin Islands
09/12/2017 USDA Eases Program Rules to Aid Florida, Other Irma-Stricken Areas
09/12/2017 USDA Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Irma
09/12/2017 USDA Makes It Easy for Hurricane-Hit Texas Schools to Feed Students
09/11/2017 USDA and THHSC Announce Approval of D-SNAP for Texas Disaster Areas
09/08/2017 USDA Provides Oregon Children Impacted by Wildfires More Flexible Access to Meals Service
09/07/2017 USDA, TDA: More Food Help on the Way for Households Hit by Harvey
09/04/2017 USDA Eases WIC Food Package Rules for Texas Participants Affected by Harvey
09/02/2017 USDA Helps Hurricane Harvey Evacuees to Obtain Expedited Nutrition Assistance
09/01/2017 USDA, Texas Take Immediate Action, Launch Long Term Plans to Feed Hurricane-Stricken Areas
08/31/2017 USDA Providing Nutrition Help to States Hit by Hurricane, Flooding
08/31/2017 USDA Awards $5.3 million in Grants for School, Child Care Nutrition Efforts
07/19/2017 Secretary Perdue Announces New Leadership for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services
06/28/2017 USDA Announces Summer EBT Grants; Includes New States, Rural Communities
06/12/2017 USDA Announces Farm to School Grant Awards; Projects Nationwide Chosen
05/02/2017 Ag Secretary Perdue Moves to Make School Meals Great Again
01/12/2017 USDA Study Finds Improved Feeding Practices Among Infants Participating in WIC
01/05/2017 USDA Announces Retailer Volunteers for SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot
12/08/2016 USDA Boosts Healthy Food Access, Sets New Standards for SNAP Retailers
11/30/2016 USDA Releases First-Ever Web-Based School Meals Application Prototype
10/20/2016 USDA Seeks Applications for Next Round of Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Program Grants
10/11/2016 USDA Celebrates Progress during National School Lunch Week and Farm to School Month
09/19/2016 USDA Awards $2 Million in Grants to Support WIC Participation through Age 5
09/15/2016 USDA Seeks Retailer Volunteers for SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot
09/13/2016 USDA Announces Availability of $5 Million in Farm to School Grants to Increase Local Foods in Schools
09/09/2016 USDA Awards Grants to Boost Access to Farmers Market, Nutritious Foods for SNAP Participants
09/07/2016 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Significant Decrease in Household Food Insecurity in the United States
09/06/2016 USDA Announces $6.7 million in Grants for Child Care & Schools during the Back to School Season
08/31/2016 USDA Announces Selected Organizations to Better Connect Low-Income Elderly and Disabled Americans with Healthy Food
08/25/2016 USDA Awards Grants to Improve SNAP Processing, Technology
07/22/2016 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Substance Misuse Prevention Resources for Low Income Pregnant Women and Mothers In Order to Battle the Opioid Epidemic
07/21/2016 USDA Announces Additional Efforts to Make School Environments Healthier
06/15/2016 USDA Increases Assistance to Flint Families with Delivery of Nutritious Food Packages
06/08/2016 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces $16.8 Million in Grants to Encourage Healthy Food Purchases for SNAP Participants
06/07/2016 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Joins Education Secretary King and Virginia First Lady McAuliffe to Celebrate National Summer Meals Program Kick-Off
06/02/2016 USDA Publishes Guide to Help Convenience Stores Sell Healthier Foods
05/11/2016 Report Shows Monthly Summer EBT Benefit Reduces Food Insecurity in Children, Improves Nutrition
05/03/2016 USDA Makes Funds Available to State Agencies to Help Keep Young Children in WIC
04/22/2016 USDA Announces Effort to Strengthen Nutrition among Young Children, Create Healthy Habits Early
04/08/2016 USDA Announces Awardees of Summer EBT Grants, Extends Benefits to Flint, Michigan and Other High-Need Areas
04/08/2016 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on Child Nutrition
03/31/2016 USDA Announces Winners of Innovation Challenge Aimed at Improving Access to School Meals
03/23/2016 SNAP Employment, Training a USDA Priority
03/18/2016 SNAP Process, Technology Improvement Grants Application Announced
03/15/2016 Farm to School Programs Invest Nearly $800 Million in Local Economies
03/09/2016 USDA Announces Grants to Support Strategies to Reduce Child Food Insecurity in Rural Communities
03/07/2016 USDA Celebrates 50 Years of School Breakfast, Offers $6.8 Million in Grants to Support Healthy School Meals
03/02/2016 USDA Selects Ten States for Job-Driven SNAP Employment and Training Project
02/29/2016 USDA Improves the WIC Shopping Experience to Better Serve our Nation’s Low-Income, New and Expecting Mothers and Their Young Children
02/16/2016 USDA Proposes Policies to Improve Food Access, Healthy Choices for Low-income Americans
02/10/2016 USDA to Temporarily Allow WIC Funds to be Used for Lead Testing for Flint-Area WIC Recipients, Announces Other Measures to Expand Access to Healthy Foods
02/10/2016 Fact Sheet: USDA Assistance to Residents Affected by the Water Emergency in Flint, Michigan
02/05/2016 USDA, NFL, Fuel Up to Play 60 Partner to Award $35 Million to Help Schools Serve Healthier Meals, Strengthen Childhood Nutrition
02/03/2016 USDA Kicks Off Expansion of the Team Up for School Nutrition Success Initiative
02/01/2016 Firms Sought as Volunteers for SNAP Home Food Delivery Pilot
01/27/2016 FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces Major Investments in Preventing Child Hunger
01/25/2016 Obama Administration to Partner with 27 Communities to Boost Neighborhood Revitalization through Local Food Enterprises
01/20/2016 Statement from Secretary Tom Vilsack on Senate Progress to Reauthorize Child Nutrition Programs
01/07/2016 HHS and USDA Release New Dietary Guidelines to Encourage Healthy Eating Patterns to Prevent Chronic Diseases
12/09/2015 FACT SHEET: White House Report Highlights New Research on SNAP’s Effectiveness and the Importance of Adequate Food Assistance
12/01/2015 USDA Hosts Prize Challenge to Generate Innovative Ideas for Electronic, Error-Reducing Version of the School Meal Programs Application
11/23/2015 USDA Awards $2 Million for Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Research
10/29/2015 USDA to Establish First-Ever SNAP Employment & Training Center of Excellence
10/26/2015 Secretary Vilsack Announces Additional Progress in Addressing Childhood Hunger, Applauds Pediatricians for their Commitment
10/20/2015 New USDA Data Show Growing Farm to School Efforts Help to Reduce Plate Waste, Increase Student Participation in Healthier School Meals Program
10/15/2015 USDA Announces Expanded Training and Technical Assistance for School Meals through its Team Up for School Nutrition Success Training Initiative
10/08/2015 USDA Helps States Improve Technology to Combat Trafficking of SNAP Benefits
10/06/2015 USDA Seeks Applications for $16.8 Million in Grants to Empower SNAP Participants to Make Healthy Eating Choices
10/02/2015 USDA Awards $34.3 Million to Support Communities' Local Foods Infrastructure, Increase Access to Fruits and Vegetables
09/25/2015 FNS Approves Hot Food Purchases in Select Areas in Response to the Valley Fires in California
09/16/2015 USDA Awards Grants to Improve SNAP Processing, Technology
09/08/2015 USDA Awards $8 Million to Support Healthier Foods in Schools and Child Care Centers
09/08/2015 Secretary Tom Vilsack Joins Key Leaders from American Academy of Pediatrics and Pew Charitable Trusts to Call on Congress to Reauthorize Strong Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act
09/08/2015 Transcript - National Press Club Newsmaker News Conference on National Child Nutrition Strategy
08/17/2015 USDA Continues to Support and Help Schools Serve Healthier Meals Heading into the 2015 School Year
08/07/2015 Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Joins USDA Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program
08/03/2015 USDA Recognizes WIC Agencies for Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers
07/14/2015 Secretary Vilsack Proclaims August 2-8 National Farmers Market Week
07/13/2015 USDA Proposes New Ways to Help Meet Nutrition Needs of Low-Income, Homebound Seniors and People with Disabilities
07/13/2015 Fact Sheet: USDA Support for Older Americans
06/25/2015 SNAP Benefit Redemptions through Farmers and Farmers Markets Show Sharp Increase
06/15/2015 USDA Awards Grants to Tribal Nations for Nutrition Education Programs
05/29/2015 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Joins Community Partners to Expand Access to Summer Meals for Children
05/18/2015 USDA Announces New Technology Grants to Combat SNAP Recipient Trafficking
05/06/2015 Statement from Secretary Vilsack on New Data Showing the Vast Majority of Schools Now Meet the Updated Meals Standards
05/05/2015 USDA Announces Grants to Enable More Farmers Markets to Serve Low-Income Families
05/04/2015 USDA Announces Progress in Reducing Improper Payments in School Meals
05/01/2015 SNAP Process, Technology Improvement Grants Application Announced
04/01/2015 USDA Awards $31 Million in Grants to Help SNAP Participants Afford Healthy Foods
03/20/2015 USDA Awards $200 Million for Skills Training to Help SNAP Recipients Get Good Jobs
03/16/2015 USDA Announces $97 Million Available to Expand Access to Healthy Food, Support Rural Economies
03/09/2015 USDA Announces Nationwide Expansion of Team Up for School Nutrition Success Initiative
03/06/2015 USDA Awards Grants to Support Schools Serving Healthier Meals and Snacks
03/04/2015 Good News for Parents: New Study Shows Kids Eating More Healthy Food at School, Throwing Less Food Away
03/04/2015 USDA Sets Goal of Serving 200 Million Summer Meals, Observes Program’s 40th Anniversary
03/02/2015 USDA Launches Initiative to Develop New Solutions to End Child Hunger
02/27/2015 USDA Announces Grants to Support Updated Professional Standards in School Nutrition Programs
01/09/2015 USDA Proposes New Science-Based Meal Patterns for Child and Adult Care Food Program
12/09/2014 More Than Half of High-Poverty Schools Now Offer Free Meals to all Students
12/08/2014 USDA Selects States for Participation in the Pilot Project for Procurement of Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables
12/02/2014 USDA Announces New Support to Help Schools Purchase More Food from Local Farmers
11/14/2014 USDA Explores Cost Effective Ways to Improve Summer Food Access for Kids
10/22/2014 USDA’s WIC Program Has Provided Nutrition Support for New Mothers, Young Children for Over 40 Years
10/17/2014 USDA Awards Funding for Regional Centers of Excellence in Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention
09/30/2014 USDA Awards Grants to Help States Cut Down on SNAP Benefit Trafficking
09/29/2014 USDA Announces up to $31 Million to Empower People to Make Healthy Eating Choices
09/26/2014 USDA Awards Grants to Improve SNAP Processing and Enhance Employment and Training Programs
09/22/2014 USDA Requests Applications for Rural Child Poverty Nutrition Center
09/17/2014 Deadline Approaching for SNAP Retailers to Pay EBT Equipment Costs, as Required by the Farm Bill
08/25/2014 USDA Announces $200 Million to Promote Innovation in SNAP Employment and Training Programs
08/21/2014 USDA Helps Schools Make Lunchrooms "Smarter" as Students Head Back to Class
08/05/2014 SNAP Benefits Now Used to Purchase Local Food Directly from Farmers in More than 5,000 Locations
08/04/2014 USDA Seeks Public Input to Increase Transparency of SNAP Retailer Data
07/21/2014 USDA Releases Request for Applications for Unprocessed Fruit and Vegetable Pilot
07/09/2014 USDA Announces $34 Million for Technology Improvements in WIC
06/26/2014 USDA Provides Grants to Help States Cut Down on SNAP Benefit Trafficking
06/18/2014 Support for Healthy Meals Standards Continues to Grow
05/27/2014 USDA Launches New Resources at to Help Cost-Conscious Consumers Make Healthier Food Choices
05/20/2014 USDA Announces School Meal Flexibility for Upcoming School Year
05/20/2014 FACT SHEET: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act School Meals Implementation
04/23/2014 USDA Announces Grants to Support State Breastfeeding Programs
04/18/2014 USDA Awards Grants for New School Food Service Equipment to Help Schools Dish Up Healthy Meals
03/27/2014 Agriculture Secretary Visits Chicago School to Help Increase Access to the Summer Meal Program in Illinois
03/25/2014 SNAP Integrity Efforts Reduce Fraud
03/20/2014 USDA Demonstration Projects Will Provide Funding To Fight Hunger, Nourish Families
03/12/2014 USDA Announces Support for Smarter Lunchrooms
02/28/2014 USDA Finalizes Changes to the WIC Program, Expanding Access to Healthy Fruits and Vegetables, Whole Grains, and Low-Fat Dairy for Women, Infants, and Children
02/19/2014 USDA Announces Fiscal Year 2015 Farm to School Grants to Continue Efforts to Increase Local Foods in Eligible Schools
02/14/2014 Obama Administration Announces Additional Assistance to Californians Impacted by Drought
01/03/2014 USDA Makes Permanent Meat and Grain Serving Flexibilities in National School Lunch Program
12/18/2013 USDA Awards Grants for New School Food Service Equipment to Help Schools Improve the Quality of Meals
12/05/2013 Study Shows Strong Nutrition Education Can Lead to Healthier Food Choices by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Recipients
11/19/2013 USDA Announces Additional Support to Help Schools Buy Local
10/22/2013 USDA Celebrates National Farm to School Month
09/04/2013 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Household Food Security in the United States
08/15/2013 USDA Releases New Report on Trafficking and Announces Additional Measures to Improve Integrity in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
08/06/2013 USDA Study Shows SNAP Participation Leads to Improved Food Security
08/01/2013 USDA Tests New Methods to Ensure Children Have Access to Healthy Food during the Summer Months
07/24/2013 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Results of Healthy Incentives Pilot; Discusses Additional USDA Efforts to Encourage Healthier SNAP Purchases
06/27/2013 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Highlights New "Smart Snacks in School" Standards; Will Ensure School Vending Machines, Snack Bars Include Healthy Choices
06/10/2013 USDA Promotes Efforts to Ensure Children Have Access to Healthy Food during the Summer Months
05/14/2013 USDA Announces Results in Ongoing Effort to Improve SNAP Integrity
04/29/2013 USDA Expands Support for Farmers Markets to Accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefits
04/24/2013 Agriculture Secretary Joins Nutrition Partners to Launch Childhood Hunger Campaign
04/24/2013 New Research Shows Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Supports Healthy Diet Choices among Participants
04/18/2013 Agriculture Secretary Visits San Diego Summer Meals Site; Calls on Communities to Help Ensure Children Have Access to Healthy Food Year Round
04/12/2013 USDA Calls on Communities to Help Fill the Summer Meal Gap; Ensure Children Have Access to Healthy Food Year Round
04/05/2013 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Outlines USDA Efforts to Raise a Healthier Generation of Americans; Highlights Efforts to Improve School Meals
04/03/2013 USDA Partners with More States to Boost Program Integrity; Protect Taxpayer Investment
03/28/2013 USDA Study: School Kids Eating More Fruits, Vegetables
03/28/2013 SNAP Nutrition Education Grants Program Streamlined, Will Focus on Critical Problem of Obesity
03/28/2013 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Outlines USDA Efforts to Raise a Healthier Generation of Americans; Highlights Efforts to Increase Access to Affordable and Healthy Food
03/20/2013 USDA Announces New Partnership with States to Strengthen Integrity of Nation’s Most Vital Nutrition Assistance Program
03/14/2013 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Outlines USDA Efforts to Raise a Healthier Generation of Americans; Affirms Need for Generational Change
03/04/2013 USDA Kicks Off National Nutrition Month by Highlighting Breakfast
02/21/2013 USDA Announces Additional Steps to Reduce Fraud and Misuse in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
02/06/2013 USDA Announces Request for Applications for FY 2014 Farm to School Grants
02/01/2013 USDA Proposes Standards to Provide Healthy Food Options in Schools
01/26/2013 USDA Announces Latest Actions to Enhance Integrity in America’s Most Critical Nutrition Assistance Program
11/14/2012 USDA Awards First Grants to Increase Local Foods in Eligible Schools
11/05/2012 USDA Offers Food Assistance to Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy
09/14/2012 USDA Announces Grants to Support Schools in Meeting New School Meal Requirements
08/29/2012 USDA Celebrates the Start of a Healthier School Year for America's Kids
08/23/2012 USDA Awards Grants to Boost Children’s Access to Healthy School Meals
08/09/2012 USDA Unveils New Aggressive Tactics to Counter Fraud and Enhance SNAP Program Integrity
07/16/2012 USDA Exceeds First Lady's HealthierUS School Challenge Goal
06/29/2012 USDA Recognizes States for Exceptional Nutrition Assistance Service
06/08/2012 USDA and Partners Nationwide Team to Feed Children during Summer Meal Gap
05/24/2012 USDA Proposes Additional Steps to Fight Fraud and Enhance SNAP Integrity
05/09/2012 USDA Grants to Increase Farmers Market Participation in SNAP
05/04/2012 USDA Announces Next States Chosen to Phase In Streamlined Free School Meal Option
04/27/2012 USDA to Provide Additional Funds for Nation’s School Meals
04/17/2012 USDA Announces New Farm to School Program to Improve the Health and Nutrition of Kids Receiving School Meals
03/07/2012 USDA Announces Steps to Streamline Administration and Enhance Program Integrity in the National School Lunch Program
03/07/2012 USDA Announces Investments in Nutrition Education for Native American Families
03/05/2012 USDA Celebrates National School Breakfast Week
02/15/2012 USDA Grants Support Local Efforts to Fight Hunger and Food Insecurity
02/10/2012 First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates Second Anniversary of Let's Move!
02/06/2012 USDA Announces Latest Actions to Combat Fraud and Enhance SNAP Program Integrity
02/06/2012 USDA Announces Latest Actions to Combat Fraud and Enhance SNAP Program Integrity
01/25/2012 USDA Unveils Historic Improvements to Meals Served in America’s Schools
12/29/2011 USDA Helps Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to Improve Nutrition of School-Aged Kids
12/13/2011 USDA Celebrates One Year Anniversary of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
12/06/2011 USDA Announces New Tactics to Combat Fraud and Enhance SNAP Program Integrity
12/01/2011 USDA Awards Grants to Improve Kids' Nutrition Access During Summer
10/21/2011 USDA Invests in Research on Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs
10/17/2011 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Joins First Lady Michelle Obama to Salute HealthierUS School Challenge Award Winners
10/11/2011 USDA Highlights School Nutrition Advances During National School Lunch Week
10/05/2011 USDA Announces Winners in Summer Food Service Program Story and Photo Contest
10/05/2011 National School Lunch Week
09/27/2011 USDA Recognizes States for Efforts to Provide Timely Nutrition Assistance for Americans in Need
09/14/2011 USDA Announces Results of Summer Feeding Pilots to Help Prevent Childhood Hunger When School is Out
09/13/2011 USDA Announces Grants to Improve the Health and Future of America's Children
09/07/2011 USDA Report Outlines Food Insecurity in America
08/18/2011 USDA Awards Grants to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy of National School Meal Program Operations
08/16/2011 USDA Official Joins Georgia Students for Breakfast as Kids Head Back to School
08/15/2011 USDA Announces Historic School Nutrition Improvements as Children Return to School
07/28/2011 USDA Awards Grants to Reduce Hunger and Improve Nutrition of School-Aged Kids by Improving Enrollment in School Meals Programs
07/26/2011 USDA Announces Winner in First Lady's Recipes for Healthy Kids Contest
07/21/2011 USDA Launches Fresh Produce Program for Florida, Michigan Schools
07/20/2011 USDA Launches Contest to Celebrate Success in the Summer Food Service Program
07/12/2011 Agriculture Deputy Secretary Highlights School Meal Improvements to National School Nutrition Advocates
07/11/2011 USDA Official Addresses School Nutrition Community on Efforts to Promote Healthier Diets for Nation's Children
07/07/2011 USDA Announces Improvements in School Wellness Promotion
07/01/2011 Kevin Concannon, Under Secretary, USDA Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services
06/23/2011 USDA and DC Officials Kick-Off Summer Food Service Program for Children
06/21/2011 USDA Official Visits Wyoming to Highlight Ways to Provide Nutrition to Low-Income Kids
06/17/2011 USDA Announces New Rule to Strengthen Integrity and Oversight in Leading Nutrition Assistance Program
06/16/2011 Nation's Primary Nutrition Assistance Program Reaches Highest Accuracy Rate in History of the Program
06/15/2011 Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee to Expand Access to School Meals for Children in Need
06/15/2011 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Finalists in Recipes for Healthy Kids Competition
06/07/2011 Agriculture Secretary Joins Nutrition Partners to Highlight Childhood Hunger Campaign and Summer Food Service Program for Kids
06/06/2011 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack and Partners Urge Action to Feed More Hungry Children This Summer
05/25/2011 USDA Highlights the Launch of Let's Move! in Indian Country
05/25/2011 USDA Presents HealthierUS School Challenge Honors to 154 Dallas Schools for Excellence in Nutrition and Fitness
05/19/2011 USDA Officials to Visit Southern States Affected By Natural Disasters
05/05/2011 USDA Awards Grants to Improve Sustainable Food Systems and Reduce Hunger
04/28/2011 USDA Awards Grants to Reduce Hunger and Improve Nutrition of School-Aged Kids
04/27/2011 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, NFL Quarterback Sam Bradford Urge Native American Youth to Get Active
04/26/2011 New USDA Rule Encourages the Purchase of Local Agricultural Products for Critical Nutrition Assistance Programs
04/26/2011 USDA Kicks Off Judging Period in Recipes for Healthy Kids Competition
04/14/2011 USDA Announces Award of the Center of Excellence for Food Safety Research in Child Nutrition Programs to Kansas State University
04/08/2011 USDA Announces Nutrition Education Grants to Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Tribal Members Nationwide
04/07/2011 USDA Announces People's Garden School Pilot Program to Promote Garden-Based Learning Opportunities
04/06/2011 USDA Announces Efforts to Increase Nutrition Assistance to Low-Income Families
04/05/2011 USDA Announces Summer Food Program Changes to Expand Nutrition Assistance for Kids in Need
03/25/2011 USDA Announces Universal Meal Service Option to Boost School Meal Participation in High-Poverty Areas
03/23/2011 USDA Expands Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Schools Across the Nation
03/21/2011 USDA Awards Grant to Improve Nutrition Assistance to Low-Income Children During Summer Months
03/16/2011 Agriculture Secretary Joins Nutrition Partners to Launch Childhood Hunger Campaign
03/10/2011 USDA Official Visits Texas in Celebration of National School Breakfast Week
03/09/2011 USDA Announces Semi-Finalists and Opens Public Voting Period in Recipes for Healthy Kids Competition
03/07/2011 USDA Celebrates National School Breakfast Week
03/07/2011 USDA Official, Congressman McIntyre Visit North Carolina School to Highlight Investments to Improve the Health and Well-being of America's Children
03/04/2011 USDA Official Visits Los Angeles WIC Clinic to Highlight New Provisions in Child Nutrition Reauthorization
02/18/2011 USDA Unveils Spanish-language Nutrition Assistance Consumer Resources
02/14/2011 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Proposed FY 2012 Budget
02/10/2011 USDA, Washington Capitals and Powell Elementary School Students Team Up To Design A "People's Garden"
02/10/2011 USDA and Hunger Advocates to Launch Public-Private Partnership to Strengthen the National Hunger Safety Net
02/09/2011 Agriculture Deputy Secretary Merrigan Announces Childhood Obesity Prevention Grant to North Carolina State University
02/08/2011 USDA Leaders Join Students as they Celebrate Let's Move!
02/03/2011 USDA Official Joins Congresswoman DeLauro, New England Patriots' Ron Brace and New Haven Students to Unveil New Salad Bars
02/03/2011 USDA Announces Expansion of Nutrition Assistance for Foster Children
02/02/2011 USDA Study Shows States Providing Critical Nutrition Benefits to Those in Need
02/02/2011 USDA Presents Gold Award of Distinction to Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School for Achieving the HealthierUS School Challenge
02/01/2011 USDA Deputy Secretary, Congressman Hoyer Highlight Benefits of Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act
01/18/2011 USDA Announces Nationwide Expansion of At-Risk Afterschool Meals in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
01/13/2011 USDA Unveils Critical Upgrades to Nutritional Standards for School Meals
01/13/2011 Obama Administration Officials and Nutrition Advocates Reaffirm Commitment to Improve the Health and Nutrition of Kids Nationwide
12/23/2010 Final Days to Submit Entries to the Recipes for Healthy Kids Competition
12/16/2010 USDA Awards Grant to Improve Access to Healthy Foods for Missouri Children
12/16/2010 USDA Awards Grant to Texas to Improve Access to Healthy Foods for Children
12/16/2010 USDA Official Honors Minshew Elementary School for Meeting USDA's HealthierUS
12/16/2010 USDA Awards Grant to Connecticut to Improve Access to Healthy Foods for Children
12/15/2010 USDA Awards Grant to Michigan to Improve Access to Healthy Foods for Children
12/07/2010 USDA Highlights New Sesame Workshop Multimedia Outreach Initiative to Improve Child Nutrition
12/02/2010 Secretary Vilsack Statement on Passage of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act
12/01/2010 USDA Official Visits Denver School to Promote Healthy School Meals
11/20/2010 USDA Requests Applications for Summer Food Service Program Projects that Increase Food Security for Low-Income Children
11/19/2010 USDA Announces Wellness Grants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
10/29/2010 USDA Official Visits Alabama to Honor 52 Alabama Public Schools for Meeting USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge
10/26/2010 USDA Recognizes Washington D.C. Middle School's HealthierUS School Challenge Achievement
10/21/2010 USDA Official Visits Saratoga Springs to Highlight School Nutrition Efforts
08/19/2010 USDA Selects Massachusetts to Test Ground-Breaking Nutrition Pilot Program
05/19/2010 USDA Unveils New Consumer Information Resources About SNAP for People in Need of Food Assistance
02/23/2010 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Presents Obama Administration's Priorities to Improve National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs
02/19/2010 ARRA: Strengthening American Families and Communities
02/17/2010 ARRA: Strengthening Families and Communities Through SNAP
01/21/2010 Smithsonian Acquires Historic Food Coupons from USDA
01/14/2010 Secretary Vilsack Announces $25 Million for New School Food Service Equipment To Help Schools Improve the Quality of Meals