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Income Excluded by Federal Law—Disaster Relief Employment Funded Under National Emergency Grants

We received a question as to how to treat disaster relief employment income received from a National Emergency Grant.

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New Medicare Prescription Drug Card Q&As

We have been asked whether to adopt for food stamp benefit purposes the $48.17 average cost for prescription drug purchases that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) calculated. The answer is yes, with some caveats. We have prepared two new Q&As to outline how this should work.

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Clarification on Acceptable Infant Formulas

This memorandum is in response to questions raised by the Connecticut state agency.

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Guidance for Verification Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements

Several data sources, including information on free and reduced price eligibility status changed as a result of verification, indicate that there is a significant problem with inaccurate certifications for free/reduced price meal benefits in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Therefore, it is imperative that both State agencies and FNS make every effort to validate the accuracy of eligibility determinations.

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Errata Sheet-Preamble to CACFP Interim Rule

Errata Sheet-Preamble to CACFP Interim Rule

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Research Grants to Improve Food Stamp Program Access Through Partnership and Technology: 2001 Program Evaluation Summary

In 2001, the Food and Nutrition Service awarded $3.7 million in grants to 14 organizations in 11 states to improve Food Stamp Program access through partnerships and new technology. These projects generally aimed to improve access among the elderly, immigrants, the working poor, and other hard-to-reach groups. The projects used a variety of approaches, including targeted advertising campaigns through community media outlets, informational web sites, computer-assisted pre-screening for eligibility, and direct application assistance.

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Excellent Service for All: Best Practices for Increasing Access to the Food Stamp Program

Excellent Service for All presents the access and outreach "best practices" of the eight states within the FNS Mid-Atlantic Region.

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Combined Application Projects

A Government Partnership to Increase Food Stamp Program Participation among the Elderly and Disabled.

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Report to Congress: Evaluation of the USDA Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Program

Evaluation of the USDA Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Program: Report to Congress. By Jean C. Buzby, Joanne F. Guthrie, and Linda S. Kantor. Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program, Food and Rural Economics Division, Economic Research Service, USDA.

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Sample Application Verification Summary – Single Application

Sample Application Verification Summary – Single Application