Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance
Team Nutrition COVID-19 Resources

These publications provide considerations, tips, best practices, and sample menus for child nutrition operators who wish to distribute multiple meals at one time.

Resource | Nutrition Education
CACFP Trainer's Tool: Serving Milk

Team Nutrition CACFP Organizations can request printed copies of CACFP Trainer’s Tool: Serving Milk. Quantities are limited and available while supplies last.

Resource | Grants
2020 Farm to School Grant Awardees

The 2020 Farm to School Grant Awardees report is a detailed summary of the projects receiving Farm to School Grants for the upcoming grant cycle.

Resource | Webinars/Videos
Seeding Success: Telling Your Story

In this final webinar in the Seeding Success Series, USDA OCFS Mountain Plains Regional Lead, Andrea Alma, discusses various ways in which farm to school programs can successfully share the good work they are doing with key audiences in the community.

Resource | Webinars/Videos
Seeding Success: Let's Get Growing - School Gardens and Farms

Part Five of the Seeding Success Series features USDA OCFS Western Regional Lead, Julianna Arnett, and covers some promising ideas of incorporating school gardens and local food producers (farmers, ranchers, and fishers) in your farm to school framework.

Resource | Webinars/Videos
Seeding Success: Integrating Farm to School in Curriculum

Part Four of the Seeding Success Series: Integrating Farm to School into Curriculum and Institution features USDA OCFS South West Regional Lead Rachel Spencer and special guests Paige Mollen of the Mollen Foundation and Dana Martin, a Food Corps team member. The panel discusses ways to merge farm to school concepts into the institutional fabric of a school.

Resource | Webinars/Videos
Seeding Success: Buying and Serving Local Food

Part Three of the Seeding Success Webinar Series: Finding, Buying Selling, and Serving Local Food.


Resource | Worksheets
Choose Breakfast Cereals That Are Lower in Sugar

These worksheets can be used to empower Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) providers and operators with the knowledge, skills and expertise to implement CACFP meal pattern requirements. Each worksheet includes scenario-based questions or activities to test and reinforce key concepts in the CACFP meal patterns.

Resource | Technical Assistance
Get the Facts About Food Safety

Each year, a growing number of schools are sourcing and serving safe, locally grown foods from nearby farmers or school gardens. Misconceptions about food safety should not keep schools from enjoying these nutritious and fresh food options. Get the facts with this quick reference sheet.