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Child Nutrition Tables
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Estimated Increase in SNAP Benefits

These additional funds are targeted to households receiving less than $95 in EA benefits under the previous policy — the lowest income households participating in each state.

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Characteristics of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Households: Fiscal Year 2019

The Characteristics report is published annually, dating back to 1976, and provides information about the demographic and economic circumstances of SNAP households. Using a sample of SNAP Quality Control data that is representative at both the state and national level, this report summarizes the characteristics of households and individuals who participated in SNAP in fiscal year 2019.  Because SNAP is available to most low-income households, participants represent a broad cross section of the Nation's poor. 

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SNAP Retailer Data
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Farm to School Census and Comprehensive Review

The Farm to School Census and Comprehensive Review includes the 2019 Farm to School Census; a descriptive review of the USDA Farm to School Grant Program; a review of published research on farm to school since 2010; and a set of interviews with school food distributors. These reports will be released over the course of 2021.

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State of Origin for USDA Foods

The State of Origin data report for each fiscal year includes information on states where USDA purchased foods in that year. Learn where your USDA Foods are likely to come from, and what the top food is in your state!

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WIC Racial Ethnic Group Enrollment Data 2018

Enrollment for the WIC Program in April 2018 totaled 7,837,672*. Of this total, Whites accounted for 4,609,636 (58.81%), Blacks/African Americans 1,687,947 (21.54%), American Indian/Alaskan Natives 696,174 (8.88%), Multiple Race 476,797 (6.08%), Asians 296,303 (3.78%), Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders 63,639 (0.81%).

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FDPIR Food Package Review Work Group Minutes

Meeting and conference call notes from the FDPIR Food Package Review Work Group.

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SNAP Quality Control Error Rates

Quality Control Error Rates by Fiscal Year

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SFMNP Grant Data

 This file contains Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program grant amounts by state agency. The table displays data for the most recent fiscal years.