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Summer Food Service Program State Deadlines for Sponsors

Federal regulations require that all sponsor applications be submitted to the state agency by June 15th. States may establish earlier annual deadlines, but are encouraged to work with sponsors wishing to apply after the state’s earlier deadline. If a sponsor has already missed the deadline listed below, contact the state agency that administers summer meal programs to discuss extension options.

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Nationwide Waivers of Child Nutrition Monitoring

FNS has used its authority under FFRCA to waive certain onsite monitoring requirements for the school meals programs, the Child and Adult Care Food Program, and the Summer Food Service Program, so that programs can to maintain program integrity and support social distancing while providing meals. 

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Nationwide Waiver to Allow Offer Versus Serve Flexibilities in the Summer Food Service Program

During the public health emergency due to COVID-19, FNS waives, for all states, requirements that limit the use of Offer versus Serve (OVS) to school food authorities and require sponsors to apply OVS under the rules followed for the National School Lunch Program.

COVID–19: Child Nutrition Response #16
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Nationwide Waiver to Waive First Week Site Visits in the SFSP

FNS waives the requirement that SFSP sponsors are required to visit each of their sites at least once during the first week of operation. This waiver applies to state agencies administering and local organizations that have operated the SFSP successfully in the previous year, and SFSP sponsors in good standing that have successfully participated in the Child and Adult Care Food Program or the National School Lunch Program.  

COVID–19: Child Nutrition Response #15
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Nationwide Waiver of Food Service Management Contract Duration in the NLSP and SFSP

FNS waives  food service management company contracts duration requirements for all state agencies, school food authorities, and Summer Food Service Program sponsors. Contracts that may expire by or around June 30, 2020 may be extended through school year 2020-2021.

COVID–19: Child Nutrition Response # 19
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Summer Food Service Program: Providing Multiple Meals at a Time During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Under nationwide non-congregate feeding and meal time waivers, state agencies may allow school food authorities to provide more than one day’s worth of meals to eligible children via a single meal pick-up or delivery. This publication provides tips, best practices, and sample menus for SFSP operators who wish to distribute multiple meals at one time.

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Nationwide Waiver to Allow Meal Pattern Flexibility - Extension 3

Pursuant to section 2202(a) of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (P.L. 116-127) and in light of the exceptional circumstances of this public health emergency, FNS is extending a nationwide waiver to support access to nutritious meals while minimizing potential exposure to the novel coronavirus (COVID–19).

COVID-19: Child Nutrition Response #26
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Waiver of 60-Day Reporting Requirements

FNS is granting a nationwide waiver of the 60-day reporting requirements to help minimize potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. This waiver applies to the National School Lunch Program, the School Breakfast Program, the Special Milk Program (SMP), the Child and Adult Food Care Program and the Summer Food Service Program.

COVID-19: Child Nutrition Response #12
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Questions and Answers on the Nationwide Waiver to Extend Unanticipated School Closure Operations through June 30, 2020

This memorandum includes questions and answers intended to provide clarification to state agencies and program operators as they transition from unanticipated school closure operations to traditional Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) or National School Lunch Program Seamless Summer Option (SSO) operations.

SP20 CACFP11 SFSP11-2020
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(FNS-418) Report of the Summer Food Service Program for Children

FNS-418: Report of the Summer Food Service Program for Children