Resource | Policy Memos | FD-107
Donated Food Storage, Distribution, and Product Dating

This memorandum is meant to provide clarification and guidance on policies and procedures for donated food storage and distribution as they relate to product dating.

Resource | Policy Memos | SP36 CACFP15 SFSP11-2017
Eligibility Manual for School Meals

The manual provides comprehensive information on federal requirements, policies, and procedures, and is intended to help state agencies and local educational agencies accurately determine, certify, and verify children’s eligibility for free and reduced price school meals and free milk.

Resource | Policy Memos | CACFP17-2017
Documenting Meals in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

On June 30, FNS published memorandum CACFP 17-2017, Documenting Meals in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, which provides guidance on how meals served in the Child and Adult Care Food Program must be documented to demonstrate compliance with the meal pattern requirements.

Resource | Policy Memos | CACFP16-2017
Grain-Based Desserts in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

This memorandum provides flexibility in the service of grain-based desserts in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Memorandum CACFP 02-2017, Grain Requirements in the Child and Adult Care Food Program; Questions and Answers, October 14, 2016, will be revised to reflect this flexibility.

Resource | Policy Memos | CACFP14 SFSP10-2017
Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities in CACFP and SFSP

This memorandum outlines the requirements for Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) institutions and facilities and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sponsors (program operators) to provide reasonable modifications to program meals or the meal service to accommodate children or adults (participants) with disabilities.

Resource | Policy Memos | SP30 CACFP13-2017
Transition Period for Updated CACFP, Infant, Preschool Meal Patterns

This memorandum, which was in effect from May 10, 2017 through September 30, 2018, outlined a transition period for implementing the updated Child and Adult Care Food Program meal patterns and the updated infant and preschool meal patterns in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. Although this memorandum is no longer in effect, it remains available for historical reference.

Resource | Policy Memos | CACFP10-2017
Taking Food Components Offsite in the At-Risk Afterschool Component of CACFP

The purpose of this memorandum is to extend to the at-risk afterschool component of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) the flexibility to take certain food items offsite.

Resource | Policy Memos | CACFP11-2017
Request for Additional FY17 CACFP Audit Funds

This memorandum provides further clarification of the procedures for State agencies requesting additional fiscal year (FY) 2017 Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Audit funding. As discussed in memorandum CACFP 10-2016 issued on May 9, 2016, Section 335 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 amended Section 17(i) of the National School Lunch Act to allow USDA to increase funding from 1.5 percent to a total of up to 2 percent of the funds used by each State agency in the Program.  The request for additional funds replaces the previous CACFP Audit funding reallocation procedure.