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Correction: WIC 2020/2021 Income Eligibility Guidelines

The Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service published a document in the Federal Register of May 26, 2020 concerning income eligibility guidelines for WIC. The document contains a mislabeled column in one of the tables.

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Publication of the 2020-2021 Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Income Eligibility Guidelines

This policy memorandum transmits the 2020-2021 Income Eligibility Guidelines (IEGs) for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) that were published in the Federal Register on May 26, 2020

WIC Policy Memo #2020-4
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WIC - Food Package Medical Documentation

FNS is allowing state agencies to waive medical documentation for existing participants that are unable to contact their health care provider. Existing benefits may be extended for up to two months.

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WIC - Local Agency Monitoring

FNS is allowing WIC agencies to conduct local agency monitoring reviewing virtually instead of onsite. WIC agencies must still conduct monitoring reviews of each local agency at least biennially. 

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WIC - Separation of Duties

FNS is allowing single employees to determine eligibility for all certification criteria and issuing food instruments, cash-value vouchers, or supplemental food for the same participant at WIC agencies to promote social distancing at time of certification. 

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WIC - Compliance Investigation

FNS is allowing WIC agencies to waive conducting compliance investigations of a minimum of five percent of the number of vendors authorized. 

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WIC - Non-Retail 2-Month Issuance

FNS is allowing those state agencies using a home delivery and/or direct distribution systems to issue two months of exempt infant formula at one time. 

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WIC- FMNP Agreement

FNS is allowing FMNP state agencies to extend currently expiring agreements with authorized farmers, roadside stands, and/or farmers’ markets by one year. 

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WIC- Vendor Agreement Extension

FNS is allowing state agencies to postpone some vendor reauthorization actions by extending expiring vendor agreements by one year.

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WIC- Transaction without Presence of Cashier

FNS working with state agencies to find new ways to allow WIC transactions.