All Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Media

Last Published: 02/12/2015
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08/14/2018 2018 Turnip the Beet Award! Webinar
12/13/2017 Summer Food Service Program Management Evaluation Tool
03/16/2017 Best Practices for the Use of the USDA DoD Fresh Program in the Summer Food Service Program
12/13/2016 Leveraging FNS Programs in a Lead Exposure Crisis
03/01/2016 Serving High Quality Meal in the Summer Meal Programs
03/25/2015 Summer Meals: Engaging Faith Based and Neighborhood Organizations
03/09/2015 Summer Meals: Offer Versus Serve in the Summer Food Service Program
02/24/2015 Summer Meals: Incorporating Local Foods
02/24/2015 Summer Meals: Explore the New Summer Meals Toolkit
02/23/2015 Summer Meals: Funding and Grant Opportunities
01/29/2015 Summer Meals: Engaging Rural and Housing Communities
01/29/2015 Summer Meals: Engaging Tribal Organizations
01/29/2015 Summer Meals: Best Practices for Tackling the Transportation Challenge
01/29/2015 Summer Meals: SFSP 101 and How to Be a Summer Meals Champion
07/10/2014 Ask USDA! - #SummerMeals Q & A Session
07/09/2014 Mastering the Summer for New Sites & Sponsors
06/02/2014 Engaging Youth Volunteers in Summer Meals
05/15/2014 How Housing Communities Can Feed Summer Meals to Children
05/13/2014 How Health Centers Can Feed Summer Meals to Children
05/02/2014 Read and Feed: Feeding Young Minds and Bodies During the Summer
04/29/2014 SNAP and Summer Meals Programs for 1994 Tribal Land-Grant College
04/21/2014 Summer Meals: Responsibilities and Opportunities for Schools
04/09/2014 Make Your Summer Meals Site the Talk of the Town
04/07/2014 Keeping Schools Involved in Summer Meals
03/27/2014 How Can You Solve Your Summer Food Transportation Challenges
03/25/2014 Utilizing Grants & Unique Partnerships to Serve More Summer Meals
03/19/2014 Food That's In When School Is Out -- The Summer Food Service Program and Afterschool Meals
03/13/2014 Can Elected Officials Help Feed Hungry Kids This Summer?
03/11/2014 Be a Summer Meals Champion
03/06/2014 SFSP - Exploring the New USDA Summer Meals Toolkit & Website
02/11/2014 Planning Your Strong Summer Program
06/19/2013 Boys and Girls Club of America and Using the Summer Food Service Program
06/05/2013 Summer Food Service Program Overview .
06/05/2013 Local Economic Development through Summer Food Service Program - North Carolina example